How to start farming business

How to start a business in agriculture, having no experience and no start-up capital? Do what you can, with what you have and where you are - once Theodor Roosevelt said. It is always difficult to start from scratch. Especially, when the wind blows in your pockets. If you have your own start-up capital - it would be not that hard, but starting from scratch - it would be more difficult task. In short, it is quite a gamble. Yes, if we take into account that the stakes in a game called agriculture are very risky.

Of course, it is better to start from the sphere you are versed in and what your soul prefers. When you are engaged in business that you like, you are having fun. And when you get a tangible result, but not only pleasure - what more could you ask?

You should try yourself in different directions, but especially in those that can bring quick results with little financial investment. Even if your passion is gardening, you should allocate some time to earn money for this in other ways (for example, planting garlic), as the garden will require considerable financial resources and a time (few years) for additional expenses that must be covered.

When you start thinking what direction to choose, you should proceeded from the availability of the following:
1. Start-up capital.
2. Equipment and machinery.
3. Transport.
4. Practical skills.

Experts from consider that there is no better sphere to start from than vegetable growing. Read more about our ideas for lucrative investments. Crop growing and horticulture in particular, gives more freedom than, for example livestock breeding.

Vegetable growing is seasonal business. Although it has peaks at certain times, but it is not so intense throughout the year. Horticultural business on a small area does not require large initial investments. This is mainly the cost of seed, soil treatment and protection of plants. It is possible to do without having equipment. Machinery for primary tillage can be rented. That is why the representatives of Nicola Valley Produce company, engaged in garlic growing claim that vegetable growing is one of the best options to start up your own farming business.

If everything will go well the next year you will be able to buy some equipment and to build greenhouses for seedlings to start growing early vegetables. Do not count on great result immediately in the first year. You should set the annual task of development. You should not be complacent with what you have and stagnate your business. In any case, you have to set a goal to increase your business results.

Ben Sims from about garlic seeds growing.

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