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As soon as the borrower has been evaluated by the bank, picked up a housing and got the approval from credit institution, a new phase starts. A variety of papers to be signed between the lender and the borrower. One of such documents, signed in most cases, is a mortgage bond. Click here to know more about safe mortgage rules. What is this paper about - this question will be discussed in this article with the help of Ottawa brokers.

What is a mortgage? So this is a paper that certifies the rights of the owner (originally a bank issued you a loan) to require the mortgagor (usually the borrower ) to fulfill financial obligations under the loan agreement. In addition, it indicates the right of the owner to mortgage a property that serves as collateral for a loan. Its main distinctive feature is that in future the owner of a paper does not necessarily has to have at his disposal other agreements with the borrower, which were processed during the lending process: all the necessary information will be contained in one paper. Having received such a paper from the borrower, bank not only insures itself against the risk of losing the copies of loan agreements, but it creates an opportunity to raise additional financing by selling them to third parties. Basing on this paper you can lately apply for second mortgages.

Content of mortgage bond. The minimum set of information that must be specified in such a security is established by the law. So, it must include such information as: data on the mortgagor and the mortgagee, information on the loan agreement, which includes real estate as a collateral, including its number, the amount of the loan granted, interest rate, the place of its signing, detailed description of the property and its value in accordance with the evaluation report, name of the borrower and date of issuance.

The bank also has the right to supplement the above list of other data at its discretion. Generally, lenders are trying to describe an order of full or partial prepayment of the loan, indicate your responsibility for violation of the terms, responsibilities to insurance real estate and your life. So, mortgage is an impressive document of 15 to 20 pages. Ottawa experts advice to apply to second mortgages solutions if you want to consolidate your debts and improve your financial state.

Sheila Black experienced broker from about second mortgages institutions in Ottawa.

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